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is this how you conduct yourself in a democracy?

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Name:michael myers

[community profile] iam the cersei lannister of dreamwidth!

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a song of ice and fire, assassin's creed, astronomy, battlestar galactica, boom doom boom doom, cosmetics, daniel's heavy terrified breathing, dead space, destiny, devil may cry, dinklebot, doctor who, estee lauder, eugene krabs, feminism, halo, his dark materials, i will not cringe for them, i wumbo you wumbo he she me wumbo, i'm not the turncloak, inception, jaime lannister sends his regards, mass effect, miranda lawson's biotic ass, mostly just porn actually, movies, natalie dormer, paint the man cut the lines, queer rights, raiding crota's booty, red vs. blue, sheldon dinkleberg, spongebob squarepants, tinderboxes, to porcelain to ivory to steel, urban decay, where in the world is jeyne westerling
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