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michael myers ([personal profile] actor) wrote2020-02-11 04:47 am
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( basic info )

PLURK[ profile] turncloak
TUMBLR[ profile] driftwoodcrown
AIM ➜ big zombie boss
TIMEZONE ➜ central standard time

DREAMWIDTH[personal profile] teamkill
LIVEJOURNAL[ profile] griefer / [ profile] noblefour

➜ agent maine ([personal profile] traitorous) at [community profile] forbarrayar


i'm chels(ey). 18+. she/her or they/their pronouns. you can find my muselist here, or my current open post here. best way to contact me is via pp to my personal journal/respective character journal or to my personal plurk. i rarely respond on aim, sorry!

add at will on dw, but please ask before adding me on plurk.